Do you remember your first MILF crush?

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Wed Aug 14, 2019 4:56 pm

I was recently out on with my friends for our weekly martini night and was told by a gentleman sitting next me to me that I was by far the most popular MILF crush in our town. I said thanks (thinking to myself - yeah I know lol) I often times talk about the college guys from my gym ~ I get hit on by them far more than any guy my age. But this got me thinking? Do you remember your first MILF crush? (I say first because there has definitely been more than one. I am willing to bet regardless of your age ~ you have one now!)

While you are reminiscing here's a MILF audio for you to listen to ~ Enjoy! ... BETTER.mp3

Ms Kay Marie
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I do I do,
I often think back on that day too and just maybe things might have had a happy ending :D This was years ago but I always fantasize about what could have happen if I was to give her a nice gentle massage around her neck slowly working my way down to her shoulders letting her know how tense she is and that she needs to relax and stop stressing out so much just get comfortable while she's sitting taking a hit from her MauiWowee doobie :lol: My attraction for her started when she walked in on me and her daughter while we were sleeping. Fully in the nude expecting to find only her daughter she panicked trying to cover herself up as she was right up against the bed where we I was and gave me ample time to see her huge tits and that's all I was focusing on :o Like I explained earlier, I could only imagine caressing her soft tanned skin from behind, her looking down into her top that was exposing her huge suckable boobs and big areola's. She wore a dark red lipstick with gloss that made those lips so inviting it also left its mark on the joint we were smoking but I was totally fine with that. We had a good relationship too as her daughter's bf I was able to stay in touch and have conversations with her even when my gf wasn't around. She was the only woman I can say without a doubt for me I definitely had a massive crush on and think of a lot.
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