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Honey, You Love Cock – Length 6:33 Cost $21 (On Sale $10 in September!)

Are you a man that appreciates a nice looking cock? Like, maybe you like to watch porn and jerk off while staring at the male stars? I think it’s pretty hot to know that you enjoy seeing cocks just like I do and we can share in the excitement! I made this audio just for you.

“Honey, remember when we were watching porn together the other night? When I looked over and I could see you staring at that big cock! I thought maybe looking at his big cock was getting you even more excited when we were having sex. I found a video called big cock compilation and I was wondering if you might like to watch it with me?”

This fantasy audio is sensually playful; a woman discovering that her lover enjoys looking at cocks just as much as she does! There is no humiliation theme; just enjoying cock together while watching porn in bed.
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