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Sun Oct 22, 2023 4:41 pm

Psychologically masochistic, that is. :wink:

Hello there, subbies!

As I've said before, occasionally, I'll refresh My profile on one of Our sites. This month I thought it would be fitting to refresh the one dedicated to all things male chastity, or specifically, those of you who fantasize about the more sadistic side of things:!

At the same time, many of My chastity submissives have told Me that it was the wording, the audio sample, or both, on My old profile that drew them in.

So, every time I refresh a profile, I've decided to record the old text as an audio, and offer it to you here to enjoy, and to be saved for posterity.

Make sense?

So, check out My new profile here, and enjoy the audio version of My old profile here.

Oh! And here's the old audio sample, too!

Hope your weekend, and your Locktober, are going well!
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