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This is my talk. I want to talk to you about your masturbation. Masturbation is not a shameful thing for a man. Uh huh. Don't be afraid. Trust me. I talk about the art of masturbation for your personal wellness. Masturbation is sexual. Masturbation is healthful. This is masturbation talk that is very personal. This is masturbation talk that is very intimate. You may do the things you like during your masturbation. Take your time. Masturbate for your enjoyment.
You are a man that likes personal talk. This is my woman's voice. A woman that is understanding. Masturbation instruction is my talk for your enjoyment. Uh huh. Masturbation instruction is my understanding talk. Talk for your personal sexual experience. I am completely committed to your experience. My talk is for your masturbation experience.
Masturbation is a totally normal thing for a man to do. I talk for you to hear my woman’s instruction for your masturbation encouragement. Masturbation is considered a good healthy act for you.
I talk about masturbation for you. I am delighted to give my personal talk for you. Uh huh. I talk about your masturbation. Enjoy. Masturbate. You may make your masturbation your own special sexual experience. I love to provide my talk for your masturbation experience. You may especially enjoy the part of your masturbation that takes you to your sexual completion.
Use your hand. Masturbate. Stroke with a rhythm that feels good to you. Find out what stroke feels good and helps you. Enjoy.
I give you my woman’s view about your healthy masturbation. You want to enjoy your masturbation. Enjoy your experience and masturbate to completion. You may do the things you like during your masturbation. Take your time and masturbate for your enjoyment. I talk about masturbation for your excitement. I give you masturbation encouragement.Enjoy. Yes. I support you. Yes. Jack off.
I know that feels really good. Enjoy your erect manhood. Use your hand. Personal jack off. I know that feels really good. Your hand. Enjoy. Your shaft. Your aroused head. Masturbate. Your erect shaft. Your engorged head. Your hand. Your penis. Masturbate.Enjoy. Yes your penis…. stroke it. Stroke your penis. So good. Uh huh. Your penis. So good. Enjoy. Your jack off. Enjoy. Uh huh!
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