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Sun Sep 17, 2023 2:06 pm

Hello there!

From time to time, I update My profiles on various sites. That means I write something new, and supply a new voice sample.

Keeps things fresh, you know?

I'm going to be doing that for O/ur site shortly, but I decided I rather liked the text portion of the bio, and I've been told that some of you do as well.

I have the transcript in My files of course, but I thought My little wee wee havers would enjoy being able to save it for posterity themselves.

What better way than via an audio in My very own merciless, sexy tones?

I decided that the text comprises pretty well a summary of the harsher side of My SPH opinions (sometimes My mood around your little trouser wart is more lighthearted).

So consider it that, and enjoy!

Click here to listen!
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